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Nuke Them All – Demo on Steam !

Nuke Them All – the Z-like game we wrote about in May has finally arrived. Read more about it in this article. Find out where to download the demo or how to find it on Steam and what its author has to say about it.

Nuke Them All – Z Resurrection ?

Will the classic Z game resurface again? Well, not the original of course. But here is an announcement that makes the Z world better already. Development is ongoing for “Nuke Them All” which is very much based on Commander Zod.

Rebellion acqiures The Bitmap Brothers brand and portfolio

Rebellion, one of Europe’s biggest multimedia studio out of Oxford, England, maker of the Sniper Elite game series acquired The Bitmap Brothers brand and portfolio. This could be good news for us Z fans.

Zed Online – Commander Zod reborn

Zed Online

Zed Online is a remake of the classic strategy game Commander Zod (or just Z). Get it here, play it here…

Zod Windows Sounds

Love to hear Brad and Allan yell at you while you work in Windows? Enjoy this hilarious Commander Zod WIndows Sounds Scheme.

ZZone goes Slack

ZZone goes Slack

Slack is the market leading group chat platform. It’s a bit like WhatsApp but better, free and runs on any client. For all you Z fans out there: Let’s meet in the ZZone Slack Workspace!

ZZone the 4th

I thought that after five years since the last installment of the ZZone (the third that was), it was time to tackle the fourth overhaul of the main ZZone site.

ZZone Forum Upgrade

Forum Upgrade

It was finally time for another forum upgrade. Not only did a lot of spammers find they way in (I just hate ’em) but the forum software itself had seen a lot of updates in the meantime.

ZZone is back

Z is a famous computer game from 1996. The ZZone is its official fan community website.

Z on Steam and GoG

Much to the enjoyment of the die-hard Z fans, Steam and Good Old Games (GoG) have just released the original game.