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by KroaKer
2005-07-14, 04:48
Forum: Z and Z95
Topic: What If
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if Z was turned-based, the maps would have to be all grid-like. that alone would drive me insane!
by KroaKer
2005-07-09, 07:43
Forum: Z:2 - A new Sequel
Topic: Your ideas about a sequel
Replies: 33
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lol well to get back on topic i think all the novelties should barely be changed (sounds, explosions 8) etc. ) just cuz this was the game i grew up with. definitely keep it 2d. maybe, as others have said, better OS support, more and different types of units, better multiplayer, same style of awesome...
by KroaKer
2005-07-09, 07:24
Forum: Z and Z95
Topic: Play Z DOS multiplayer over the Internet!
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man crappy thats its just for win2k/xp. guess my comps just too damn old lol :empty:

if theres another way to play online id love to hear it
by KroaKer
2005-07-07, 04:07
Forum: Z Open Source
Topic: Abandonware?
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yes it truly is ridiculous that Z has to remain untouched for so long now. id be all for a trip to the bros. and prove to em why Z should be updated, one way or another.
by KroaKer
2005-07-07, 03:51
Forum: Z and Z95
Topic: Slow Scroll Speed
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Re: Slow Scroll Speed

Just downed the demo and played it. Man, that slow scroll speed is driving me nuts. It takes ages til you see a different spot on the area. Can you change that somehow? It really destroys the "Z Feel and Play". There's a couple ways of getting around this. Clicking on the mini-map will instantly sc...
by KroaKer
2005-07-07, 03:25
Forum: Z:Steel Soldiers
Topic: Not able to follow Z98's footsteps
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Re: Not able to follow Z98's footsteps

yes the sequel was quite disappointing, just didn't feel like the same game to me.

and ill say it again, congrats on the truly amazing site, ive been waiting for such a site for a long, long time :)
by KroaKer
2005-07-07, 03:21
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: The Bitmap Brothers are still alive!
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nah, most webmasters check their work pretty thoroughly. id have to agree ur first post bersek3r
by KroaKer
2005-07-07, 03:03
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: Z special edition
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sweet!!! man plz lemme know if you ever find this (make sure theres two of em lol)
by KroaKer
2005-07-07, 02:58
Forum: Feedback
Topic: Excellent
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WOW! good Z sites a few and far between. for a while, i beggining to think i was the only guy who played it lol! but keep up the good work admins and mods :D
by KroaKer
2005-07-07, 02:40
Forum: Z and Z95
Topic: Mysterious Truck
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after seeing the firetruck, i was always under the belief that it could repair buildings (since the catch fire before the crumble). if that were true, i hope to god they put it back in the game if they ever re-release it
by KroaKer
2005-07-07, 02:33
Forum: Z and Z95
Topic: Cheats
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meh, the games a lot more fun (and a helluva lot more gratifying) when you just go through lvl by lvl but yea id say the registry patch is all i use just so i dont have to fluke out some of the lvls again :wink: