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by OROutdoor
2010-01-09, 02:37
Forum: How to get Z or Z95
Topic: Found my manual
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Found my manual

I was just going through some old boxes of computer stuff -- found lots of old games, Lands of Lare, Might and Magic, etc. And, I found my manual from Z -- in nearly perfect condition. Too bad I didn't keep the box. Still haven't found the CD yet though.
by OROutdoor
2009-09-10, 22:18
Forum: Z Mods
Topic: zed bitmap brothers map high definition
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Re: zed bitmap brothers map high definition

Nice! Thanks for sharing.
by OROutdoor
2009-09-10, 21:37
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: Self-Introduction
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Hi all, Since I'm new here, I thought I'd say Hi, introduce myself. I used to play Z a lot years ago. I liked it's simplicity. Some my friends were playing C&C, wanted me to swithc over, buy I remained loyal to Z. My favorite level (can't remember the name) was the snowy one with the Robot Factory o...
by OROutdoor
2009-09-10, 21:26
Forum: Z The Future
Topic: Suggestion: Z on phones
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Suggestion: Z on phones

I own a Google myTouch (G2) phone. I've loaded many apps on it, including Robo Tower Defense (Love that game). Some phone are so powerful now that you can actually run WIN 95 on it (not my phone though). The myTouch, iPhone, and others have a screen size 320x480. That should be enough to play Z on. ...