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by Aruze
2010-03-09, 20:30
Forum: Z Open Source
Topic: The Zod Engine
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Re: The Zod Engine

How the Hell can i play Z-95 (Z Expansion XP 1.7 WinZmod) Online Without using Hamachi?
Hamachi has No People who are looking to Play and They ALL LAGG!!!!!!!!!

by Aruze
2010-03-09, 15:57
Forum: Z and Z95
Topic: Playable Hamachi or Online Servers
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Playable Hamachi or Online Servers

Hello my name is Aruze. ive loved Z from when i was 10 years old. i spent the last week geting Z to work and finaly i can now connect and play over Hamachi on the Z Expansion Xp 1.7 WinZMod. However Hamachi laggs alot! ppl on Hamachi are from all over the world and 1 person with 120ms is Hard to Fin...