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by Annoraner
2010-05-06, 12:49
Forum: Z Mods
Topic: hey it's me :p
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Re: hey it's me :p

Hi, I tried some mod or creations... in fact they didn't work at all. I had big problems to build brigdes (but followed the how-to-guide) on a new created map. When the Levels can be changed,, so it is possible to exchange the factorys too?* From the MAP 16 it is nearly impossible to win (I am more ...
by Annoraner
2010-03-31, 22:23
Forum: Z and Z95 FAQ and Support
Topic: MP Game (DosBox)possible on one PC
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MP Game (DosBox)possible on one PC

Would it be possible to configurate / install 2 Dosboxes with Z to start a MP Game on one PC?
This is a therotical question.

I do not think that this will be run, but I want check this maybe frist the technical guys here...
It is not for real playing, more for fun and testing purpose.