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by knatsch
2006-02-22, 23:23
Forum: Z Mods
Topic: Decrypting
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Have you ever looked at the format?
I thought about creating a new Level Editor, but the file seems to me heavily crypted.
I have already understood the object.dat and build.dat, but these were quite easy ;)

by knatsch
2006-02-22, 17:10
Forum: Z Mods
Topic: 2 new Maps released!
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2 new Maps released!

Here is a download link for 2 maps of Z. Play these under Z95! ... s.rar.html

Have fun playing and tell me about it!

by knatsch
2005-07-22, 21:16
Forum: Z and Z95 FAQ and Support
Topic: MS Virtual PC
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In addition to my posting above: We are playing the expansion pack in the emulated win98 environment. Here is a short step-by-step guide: 1)install virtual pc 2)install win98, 128 mb ram is more than enough 3)install ipx protocol 4)install z now you can copy the image file created by virtual pc on a...
by knatsch
2005-07-22, 21:09
Forum: Z Mods
Topic: Level Editor
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Level Editor

Now with the TFTs getting bigger and bigger it is very oldstyle to create a map with the non resizable editor supplied with the expansion pack. Perhaps someone is able to crack the original one to enable resizing and fullscreen? Or hopefully a good programmer could create his own editor with the kno...
by knatsch
2005-07-22, 21:02
Forum: Z and Z95
Topic: Exchange robot voices
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Exchange robot voices

I have an original copy of Z, it is in german and without the expansion. I also got the expansion pack, but it is in english. Has anyone here found out how to exchange the robot voices? I can understand the english ones very well but the german ones were more funny in my ears...
by knatsch
2005-07-22, 20:58
Forum: Z Open Source
Topic: Share Our Zed Saved levels and perso Map
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I have 2 or 3 selfmade maps I would like to share, but how to copy and install foreign maps?
If I remember right Z only can handle 10 map slots, that will be too few! We could need a Z map manager tool :D