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by lock10
2005-11-28, 19:32
Forum: Z Open Source
Topic: Share Our Zed Saved levels and perso Map
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knatsch wrote:I have 2 or 3 selfmade maps I would like to share, but how to copy and install foreign maps?
I got loads more to say about that, but I gotta run - Later!
by lock10
2005-11-28, 19:31
Forum: Feedback
Topic: New Avatars
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BERSERK3R wrote:Another one:
Very funky i love it. ?
by lock10
2005-11-28, 19:30
Forum: Miscellaneous
Topic: Z - The Movie
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But i just can't understand it...
by lock10
2005-11-28, 19:29
Forum: Z:Steel Soldiers
Topic: Z:SS Website Kit
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So where can i find the origional? :wink:B):wink:
by lock10
2005-11-28, 19:28
Forum: Z Mods
Topic: Z Mod
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Getting it

All of that and I still dont get it.