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by ProBus
2006-01-03, 11:17
Forum: Z Mods
Topic: Level Editor
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Is there a map editor in the expansion pack? :shock:

If yes, why is only one custom map in the internet?
by ProBus
2006-01-03, 11:12
Forum: Z and Z95
Topic: Play Z DOS multiplayer over the Internet!
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I'd be glad try this, but rather with the Dos Z version that runs on Winxp (see my other thread) than with Dosbox. I won't have time till the 11th of october (end of exams), but after that I'd like to try this out. I'm pretty sure that it will work much better with a non emulated version. if anyone...
by ProBus
2006-01-01, 19:16
Forum: How to get Z or Z95
Topic: Click Here To Download Z, Z95, etc...
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KISSMAD wrote:It's not the english version.
What language is it?