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by Meeky
2009-02-05, 12:07
Forum: Z and Z95
Topic: Z Hamachi Networks
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Re: Z Hamachi Networks

The_Drummer wrote:Name: Z95!
Password: Tom

This is for Z-95 play, No DOSBox players!! If you're a DOSBox-Z player, then there's another server -
The password Tom is no longer valid. Which is the right one?
by Meeky
2009-02-05, 11:40
Forum: Z Mods
Topic: Where to Download ZEditor?
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Re: Where to Download ZEditor?

Actually, there is more simplier way to load standard levels. At first, as BallWin said, you need to save custom map, first slot will be written in folder LEVELA0. Go to that folder and edit file LevelA0.exp - you need to change flie names in it to comply with the file names of standart level. For e...