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by lil' T
2007-03-08, 18:02
Forum: Z Mods
Topic: Z_Tools (beta version) - create single plyer map for Z
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Jeez! Creating single player maps for Z has always been a dream that has never died up to this day. I'm very glad to hear this is finally possible due the honorable work of some great individuals. :cheers:

I will try it out and let you know about the ease to create maps.
by lil' T
2007-03-08, 17:54
Forum: Feedback
Topic: OMG!! HELLO!!
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I know this thread is old but anyway I basically agree with what the above poster said. :cheers: I finally found this great community of players that still love Z as I do and I'm very surprised at the activity. There are plenty of forum members here and several projects are still going on. This is a...