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Play Z DOS multiplayer over the Internet!

Posted: 2005-06-27, 17:26
by dark_helmet
Play Z DOS multiplayer over the Internet!

NOTE: this is still expermental, but beserk3r and i managed to squese of a game over the internet. Be warned It's laggy.

The Proccedure

1. Download and Install Hamachi from

2. Create a nick and join the network 'zzone' with the password 'brad'

3. Make sure you have DOSbox version 0.63 or greater. Open the Dosbox config file and scroll down untill you find 'ipx=false' and set it to 'ipx=true'

Elect someone to be the host (using MSN or IRC, ect). You can have up to 3 clients join the same server.

- start DOSbox but not Z just yet.

- start DOSbox but not Z just yet.
- Type 'IPXNET CONNECT <address>'
Where you replace ,address with the IP number that is next
to the name of the person who is the server in Hamachi.
Example: you read " - dark_helmet" in Hamachi
so you would type 'IPXNET CONNECT' in DOSbox.

5. Start Z, press multiplayer, select Network and select the players and press connect.

6. Have some fun!

I hope this was easy to follow, its a laggy process and i looking at using COM port emulation aswell because it recquires less bandwidth.

thanks to beserk3r for his help.

Any feedback / thoughs / comments / advice is appreciated.

Posted: 2005-07-08, 20:28
by schildje
Hi, I'm a new member and an enormous Z fan
Today Beserker and me played a game over the internet with the procedure you posted and it didn't lag at all!
we were both surprised because it was awesome :D
and ofcourse I won ;)
crushed him with my heavy tanks :D

glad to know it works

Posted: 2005-07-09, 03:23
You won because I couldn't ungroup my units, so if one goes the other is damaged with it :P .
That is a problem what I have noticed when playing mutiplayer.

Posted: 2005-07-09, 07:24
by KroaKer
man crappy thats its just for win2k/xp. guess my comps just too damn old lol :empty:

if theres another way to play online id love to hear it

Posted: 2005-07-09, 08:02
by dark_helmet
good to know that it works well! Must have been affected by distance hevely though.

Sorry but all the VPN / Tunnelling program's ive looked at seem to be for 2k/xp. Bad luck there. :?

oh and beserker, i would suggest not grouping units at all :P

Posted: 2005-07-09, 12:30
by schildje
i dont group my units at all, but sometimes its inevitable
and to ungroup them i use my mouse, keep it pressed and try to select unit per unit
I would like to try and play Z with more people
perhaps 3 would be nice

Posted: 2005-07-09, 12:33
by schildje
One thing to add here:
Yesterday I played Z online with my dad
but at first it didn't go
just sowh you guys would know:
you have to be in the same battle group to be able to play with eachother
(battle group can be found in the configuration at the multiplayer screen)

Posted: 2005-07-13, 15:32
by moviez101
Please type EXACT command (ie. - Ipxnet_startserver???)
Please make it idiot proof as much as possible. Thanks!

Posted: 2005-09-17, 18:35
by christy10
ok i`ve done what dark_helmet said but when i try to join the network in hamachi it says the network doesent exist- start up the network or please help!

Posted: 2005-09-17, 23:07
by christy10
ok if you wont start the network i will-

network name is zzz
password is brad

Posted: 2005-09-17, 23:08
by christy10
ok network name is now "ZZZZ" in capitals

Posted: 2005-09-17, 23:09
by christy10
now the network name is ZOD1

Posted: 2005-09-17, 23:14
by christy10
ip address is

Posted: 2005-09-18, 10:49
by christy10
if you want to play post onto forum

Posted: 2005-09-19, 00:22
by d3vilsadvocate
I'd be glad try this, but rather with the Dos Z version that runs on Winxp (see my other thread) than with Dosbox. I won't have time till the 11th of october (end of exams), but after that I'd like to try this out. I'm pretty sure that it will work much better with a non emulated version.

if anyone is interested and has msn, add me: