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Difficulty of Z vs Z95

Posted: 2008-10-07, 20:33
by Red_Wraith
Does someone know how hard the three difficulties of Z95 are in comparison to the old dos version of Z?

I remember Z (dos version) being rather difficult.

Re: Difficulty of Z vs Z95

Posted: 2008-10-12, 13:28
by DesanN
Hello everyone,
I'm new to this board. I've played Zdos in the past and picked up playing a year ago and now again (using Z95 + expansion which is think is even better than the dos version), Z is a really great game and this is a great board, nice to be here ;)

@topic: I found the expansion missions to be very difficult when playing the game on hard. I also think the regular missions are at least as hard as in dos version.