Some question about Z units

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Some question about Z units

Post by Hanock » 2009-01-18, 01:35

Ok, this is my first post here as you can see. Firstly, i would like to thank you for your service of keeping alive a great game like this and for your attention. Secondly, i would like to do some questions about Z units. I have to say i tried Z when i was 8 years old on the PSOne. It was a demo based on the level 'Sooty Bolts', if i'm right about the name. During that level, which i have already done during these days, you can build 'low level' units. I would like to know if someone could help me finding the role of each unit, since now i'm facing with new units, such as piros, ACP or snipers.

Ok, lets go! (For each unit i will write a question and/or a statement, which is probably wrong. Please correct me!)

Grunts - Could someone tell me their utility? You can built Psychos instead of them;
Psychos - They are strong against grunts. But what kind of other units can they fight effectively? Snipers? I don't know;
Tough - They are strong against light veicles and some kind of infrantry, such as grunts. Am i wrong?
Snipers - Really i don't know their utility. I'm a newbie so please don't get angry for the previous statement :oops: . Maybe kill stationary guns from the distance? Get rid of light tanks if you are so lucky to kill its commander? It seems they are a waste of 'time', the resource of Z, from my point of view;
Pyros - Effective against infantry? I have never tried them;
Lasers - Never faced them;
Jeeps - Light infantry only (snipers, grunts, psychos etc.). Am i right?
Light tanks - Infantry and, if you are lucky, medium tanks?
Medium tanks - All kind of infantry, light tanks and light stationary guns (gatlings and guns)?
Heavy tanks - Never faced them;
ACP - Never faced them;
Mobile Missle launcher - Only used once during the 21st level (i skiped some levels :oops:). They are strong but weak at the same time. High power, low armor. Their utility?
Gatling - Light infantry only (Grunts and Psychos)?
Gun - Light infantry and Light tanks/Jeeps?
Howizers - How can i destroy them without heavy casualities? Snipers? They own my light/medium tanks and my heavy infantry, such as tough squads;
Stationary Missile - Never faced them.

Have i missed any units? I have reached level 9 and i have done level 21.

My last question. Is there some sort of morale system in Z? I mean, i sometimes see near the name of the unit i select a white star, a yellow star or a green star. I have also seen light tanks with a green star have got an high capability of evading other tank's shots. If there is such a system, what kind of benefits do i obtain for each unit? How can i raise my unit's morale? Winning single battles during a mission?

Sorry for the long post and please forgive me if there are some mistakes here and there in my post.
Thank you again for you attention!

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Re: Some question about Z units

Post by Stargazer » 2009-01-19, 15:27

I can let you another idea about how you can use psichos and snipers for your victory (as I used in multiplayer). IMHO, there is only one less important unit -- mobile missile. In single and multy-games it takes too long time to produce. But all another units can be quite usefulls if can manage them properly.

So when you can use psichoes? I think, they are best in battles with enemy's mediums and (especially) heavy tanks. If enemy has got advantage in heavy tanks -- this can be serious problem. But if you have time to prepare -- you can stop his metal armada with several groups of robots and few light tanks. Let your light and medium tanks engages in battle first and psichos will go into battle with couple of seconds after. Now, if enemy's heavy take decision to eleminate your psichoes first, it will be destroed by your light tanks. If your opponent will decide to fight with tanks, your psichoes will shoot out enemy's driver and you will get another heavy for your army.

Of course you can get enemy's heavy even with your psichoes only (3-4 groups with clever controlling during battle should be enough), but usually your opponent don't want to send out heavy without some of light units (just to prevent of capturing heavy only with robots forces).

Snipers. As for me -- they are also quite useful, but they need accurate controlling and can be killed from one uneasy movement. For example alone howitzer can be destroyed with 2 groups of snipers if you get minimum of lucky.

P.S. Also you can use jeeps to take out enemy howitzer.
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Re: Some question about Z units

Post by cpt.mike » 2009-04-06, 15:27

Everything clearly explained: ... &Itemid=27
(select Robots, Vohicles, etc. from left menu)

"morale system" - yes, units can get experience's stars: green star and next gold (yellow :) star. Higher experience gives ability to move faster or maneuvres better during combat. But, IMHO, it is important for heavy vehicles (APCs, medium tanks, heavys, etc.) due to chance to survive on battlefield for long time and you can repair them.

And, my favourite unit is APC with Tough inside. It can easily eradicate most of infantry units, 2 or 3 APCs are efficient against heavy tanks, and APC is fast (faster than light tank) enough against Howitzers and capturing flags.
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