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no cranes in extra levelös of Z 95 ?

Posted: 2010-12-31, 00:14
by praskowitz
Whith many, many thanks to this forum and the zzone-website, now I can finaly play Z again on XP :D (I have only a German DOS-Verson and German PS1 - Version).

I have already (or only) played the first extra level of Z 95 - are there no cranes in these extra levels ?

As I have seen, there were destroyed bridges and destroye buildings repaired by "themselves" after some time/after a while. I think by this way of gameplay, there were some strategy-elements of the original game lost.

I guess these self-repairing must be removed from the muliplayer-levels. I'ver done a multiplayer game of Z, but I have found a lot of muliplayer-videos of Z on YouTube, where I have seen these self-repairing without using cranes too.