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Re: the junk yard

Posted: 2018-12-14, 12:36
by wanzer
yesterday I tried to contact the bitmap brothers
but non of the given email addresses was working

I have no way of asking their opinion

Re: the junk yard

Posted: 2018-12-15, 12:15
by wanzer
nice picture

about the ground
i think i need to make a new tile set
but when i do so it be less pixely and a bit smoother
a bit like this


Re: the junk yard

Posted: 2018-12-19, 20:50
by SteelGhost
I thought, maybe I'd retool the classic Heavy into a main battle tank or something. The powerful sniper gun and low-profile hull plus a speed & mobility upgrade.

Meanwhile, I introduce a new kind of tank to hold the title of Heavy. In case the 152mm Gun-Launcher isn't quite enough, it also comes with a 360° chain gun.


I found the MBT-70 to be an excellent model, due to its big gun and hefty turret. It also looks somewhat like the Heavy in Steel Soldiers.

Re: the junk yard

Posted: 2018-12-21, 13:24
by wanzer
are those smoke charges on the back side of the turret?

Re: the junk yard

Posted: 2018-12-21, 14:14
by SteelGhost
Yes, those are smoke dischargers.

Also, when you look at the Heavy's sprite in Z, it has these boxes on the sides of its turret. Wonder if they're supposed to be some kind of launchers?

Re: the junk yard

Posted: 2018-12-22, 14:05
by wanzer
its from the tanks the one with the longest range *excluding the rocket launcher*

in the original Z there no air units
if i include air units it be only by ordered airstrikes meaning i wont be including air units as a playable unit

so making them smoke charges .. can be ... butttt

given that the heavy tank has such a long range it needs good range finders

and the more distance between the rangefinder sensors the more acurate they are

so having them on each side of the turret is optimal

Re: the junk yard

Posted: 2018-12-25, 16:41
by SteelGhost
Just noticed something when playing the Arctic campaign...


Haha, how convenient.

Merry Christmas!

Re: the junk yard

Posted: 2019-01-10, 11:55
by SteelGhost
Someone in the ideas section mentioned they’d like to see an armored car in the next Z, so here comes the 6-wheeler jeep/tank hybrid.


Re: the junk yard

Posted: 2019-01-16, 11:16
by wanzer
this will then fall between the jeep and the lt?

Re: the junk yard

Posted: 2019-01-17, 22:25
by BallWin
SteelGhost wrote:
2019-01-10, 11:55
Someone in the ideas section mentioned they’d like to see an armored car in the next Z, so here comes the 6-wheeler jeep/tank hybrid.
Cool. Did you draw this yourself? This technique will move quickly like a jeep. It has power as a light tank. It is necessary to compensate for the violation of the gameplay when adding such a unit. Units need to be offered in pairs. One attacker. The other allows you to compensate for the damage. Your unit looks impressive. We need another type of technique to counter this.

Re: the junk yard

Posted: 2019-01-28, 23:38
by wanzer
well if such a unit is going to be added
and most vehicles I see look allot more to steel soldiers then the original Z

it will be a step between the jeep and the lt

hp = jeep + light tank / 2
dps = jeep + light tank / 2
speed = jeep + light tank / 2
costs = jeep + light tank / 2

so if the jeep costs 50 and the tank cost 100
costs = jeep 50 + tank 100 = 150 /2 = 75

something like that

Re: the junk yard

Posted: 2019-01-30, 11:54
by SteelGhost

Re: the junk yard

Posted: 2019-01-31, 22:33
by wanzer
I see ^^

the art is rly nice but it looks more like steal soldiers then the original Z style

on another note

atm im buzzing around and pondering on how to aproach group movement
a vehicle is a 1 object per unit
but producing a grunt gets a unit with 3 objects

they all move around near each other yet they dont walk on the same path (in each other)

they need to move as fast as each other but also faster then each other to compensate for corners

as what i can do right now?

if need be i can spit out a working game with a endless amount of factions on a endlessly big world all shooting at each other .. depending on how fast the computer can handle that
the graphics , i can place tanks that i already made
the animatins for the robots i have not made yet, so placeholders will look shitty
it be a single object per unit as mentioned above im still working on that
i made several working Capture The Flag simulations so a strategic logic isnt a problem
the user interface and being able to controle your units is not yet made but
all the nesisary tool (code) are there
stuff like selecting a single unit on the 3D view and selecting a group of units with draging a square over the screen
the models i have so far witch is very little

jeep -- no
light tank -- yes (might need to rework part of it to separate the gun from the turret to shoot up at guns on a fort)
medium tank --yes (same as LT)
heavy tank -- no (mesh is there but im not satisfied)
rocker launcher --no

grunts -- no
psychos -- no
tough -- no
sniper -- no
pyros -- no
lazer -- no

fort -- no (I worked out a way to have it look the way it does in the original Z , with the entry door being under the fort at the blue side)
robot factory -- no
vehicle factory -- yes (might remake it as im not fully satisfied with the result)

interface -- no (I do have a few art works in photoshop for that)

part of this all taking so long is cause i cant always work on this project
and that im a nit picker on making these object as precice or as similar as posible

Re: the junk yard

Posted: 2019-03-18, 12:03
by SteelGhost
Mo. Missile Launcher, with two configurations:

Multi-rocket launcher system
or SSM missiles

Re: the junk yard

Posted: 2019-04-08, 13:55
by wanzer
looking at a development tool I found
its called godot and it looks better then unity when it comes to royalties etc