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Re: Z Clone

Postby buman » 2008-01-20, 23:56

XStrategy wrote:Yes, when the game is ready everybody will use Vista and DX10 like nowadays everybody use XP and DX9.
mmmkay in this case i´m gonna go ahead and set my alarm clock for half passed impossible ;)

Seriously now:
1.Not everybody is using XP now. Vista is now much less popular then XP was a short time after it´s release. I even own an original version of vista (which my brother bought) and I still don´t contemplate using it.
2.Shouldn´t it be possible to make it DX9-compatible, so that you just enable the DX10ops by using vista?

Or is this like this shader2.0/3.0 issue (for instance i´m not able to play bioshock cause my video card does not support shader 3.0, but it shouldn´t have been too hard to develop a possibility of disableling shader 3.0, it was possible in other games as well.)

And I think it is possible to play ...uhmm... lost planet (or sth.) with DX9 und DX10 as well, isn´t it?
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Re: Z Clone

Postby commander » 2008-01-21, 18:17

I think he meant that the game does support DX10.

Witch does not mean it wont have DX9.

I really can't wait for new info on the X-Strategy game!

Keep up the good work :cheers:
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Re: Z Clone

Postby Phil K » 2008-08-28, 22:31

Any more news ?
Any closer ? :?
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Re: Z Clone

Postby XStrategy » 2008-09-09, 23:21

Thanks for asking Phil. Still working hard!
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Re: Z Clone

Postby Zman » 2010-09-22, 17:06

how match is long to wait more?
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Re: Z Clone

Postby FreakNigh » 2010-09-23, 00:53

Zman my clone The Zod Engine is in active development and very far along. You should look check it out, it is very close to beta.

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