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Z Expansion XP Launcher

Posted: 2007-06-22, 20:03
by Zod
Hi all,

thanks to Antares who provided this comfortable launcher many of you will be able to install and play Z Expansion in Windows 2K/XP/Vista.

Here is how it basically works:

1) Throw in your Z Expansion CD ROM

2) Start Z Expansion XP:

3) Select a target folder and click Install:

4) Wait until installation is complete:

5) Click the Start game button to play:

This works as easy as it sounds. However, some of you might experience certain issues based on the specifics of your system. These may be discussed in this forum.

Thanks again to Antares. You can find the launcher in the downloads section of the ZZone.

Best regards,
George "Zod" Lewe

Posted: 2007-06-23, 04:00
by buman
Yeah , actually not really a new thing for us , nice presentation nonetheless.
I already tested it some time ago...and it works quite fine

Thanks from me to Antares , too ... you?re a great guy , sweety^^

Posted: 2007-06-23, 09:32
by XStrategy
but wher is downloding link for 1.6 ?

Posted: 2007-06-24, 02:06
by Lazy123
Zod didnt include a link! The cheek! :o

Luckily, I had a quick lookie since Antares big thread on zxp expansion has been deleted? (why?)

Anyway, for anyone who needs 1.6:

Enjoy. :D

Posted: 2007-06-24, 10:52
by Antares
Lazy123 I did give direct links because of a promotional forum script. If users will download directly, it will not help return the host. I ask you to remove the direct link. Version place Zod on this forum - v1.6.3

You can refer to a thread forum -

If the new version goes, I will try to publicize it Zod, so that the forum will always be fresh version

Changes v1.6.3:
- Corrected the loaded order levels
- Added check "compatibility mode"
- Corrected a little flaw, which could not show error messages
- Cleaned installer (removed unnecessary code)


Posted: 2007-06-24, 20:21
by Zod
Hi all,

waddaya mean, I didn't leave a link. I wrote that you can find the file in the downloads section of the ZZone.

So go to the ZZone, click on Downloads, then navigate to folder "Z and Z95", in there is a folder called "Upgrades and Patches". And there it is...

Also see link above in previous post.

Best regards,

Posted: 2007-06-29, 14:07
by The_Drummer
Actually, all things seem to work, but... I am using Vista, and when I try to load it, the DEP (Data Execution Prevention) thing shuts it down... because it sees it as not safe. I have tried to make an exception, but the ntvdm.exe that is required cannot have DEP switched off for it, so...

Any ways around this?

Thanks! :cheers:

Posted: 2007-07-11, 11:21
by Antares
I see no connection, ntvdm a Dos program loader. What is the connection between Windows and Dos software? No.

Posted: 2007-07-30, 20:10
by The_Drummer
well, I dont know, but the game will not load. I dont know why, it mentions DEP shuts down ntvdm.exe, and the game doesn't load...

Posted: 2007-09-08, 08:51
by Technosis
i have Z not the Expansion of it saddley will there be somthing to help the ppl with out the Expansion by any chance at all ? or to upgrade to the Z Expansion

Posted: 2007-09-13, 22:03
by Carrera
Since regular Z runs quite nicely in XP with DOSBox it is unlikely...

Posted: 2007-11-07, 21:24
by Antares
v1.6.5 released (all changes)

- Implemented window mode (not compatible with Vista)
- A bug for which, in some cases, not moving the cursor after installation
- By default, the speed of the cursor is now equal to 5 (it was 6)
- Minor changes

- Corrected the loaded order levels
- Added check "compatibility mode"
- Corrected a little flaw, which could not show error messages
- Cleaned installer (removed unnecessary code)

Posted: 2007-11-08, 16:55
by BallWin
Antares wrote:v1.6.5 released (all changes)
Excellent! :shake: :)

Posted: 2007-11-09, 04:46
by Technosis
is tcp /ip working properly with this version ?

Posted: 2007-11-10, 21:37
by Ravey
Yet another release? Gives me a warm feeling with every new ZEXP update. :cheers: