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Re: Z Expansion 1.7 beta

Posted: 2011-12-04, 17:57
by plib
Hi Meeky,

Thanks for a great effort with WinZMod. I have a few stupid questions.

1) Are you planning to add support for further Hires resolutions? as for example 1920x1080 in order to play it on a modern telly...

2) I (and others probably, too) have observed one little apparent hires modes problem - I have had cases when a unit in the heat of battle went to the right edge of the screen underneath the right part of the unser interface, i.e. effectively off-map, and suddenly could not be selected any more because the mouse cursor frame for seleting multiply units only goes as far as the right sector edge - is this a WinZMod oddity or does it also happen in normal resolution and you quite simply cannot see such units because they would be underneath the interface?

3) How 'dos-ish' is your dos mode? Do buildings and bridges still self-repair? Do robots still not lose speed when going through water - in the dos version their speed is halved when going through water while that unfortunately is not the case in the windows version (something I find rather annoying because it makes things less realistic). Does your dos mode use the original dos version unit properties or the modified ones of WinZ (as for example more intelligent grunts (5 vs. 3 in the dos version). I had a look at my WinZ manual and the list of changes is quite comprehensive.

4) I do not know whether this is possible to implement but would it be possible to enable soldiers to leave the vehicles they are driving (as is possible with soldiers manning guns) so that you can replace them with more clever folk? it is one thing that I found annoying in Z/WinZ.

As I said, great effort and I look forward to future versions.

Re: Z Expansion 1.7 beta

Posted: 2011-12-04, 18:13
by plib
forgot one thing...

would it be possible to add the possibility of playing the multiplayer levels on your own against computer opponents? this is one thing I love about Z: Steel Soldiers...

Re: Z Expansion 1.7 beta

Posted: 2011-12-31, 01:39
by plib
By the way, I have in the meantime found out that the switch '/WXGA' does also work with WinZMod (apart from '/SVGA' and '/XGA') - provided that the level size is big enough - i.e. you having to scroll horizontally and vertically in order to see all of the level you are currently playing (small levels like the first one only produce a garbled mess on the screen while, as I said, bigger ones work - this means that for smaller levels the 'dead' space around the playable area, which basically serves as a kind of window frame around it, would probably only have to be increased in size and then '/WXGA' could be made an official option!).

At last one can now actually enjoy Z on the full (scaled) glory of a widescreen TV (or monitor)!!!

So, as I said, a very big thank you to Meeky for taking Antares' fantastic Z for WinXP etc. efforts even further and all the best for the new year to everyone.

Re: Z Expansion 1.7 beta

Posted: 2012-01-09, 10:59
by hearnia_2k
Hi there,

Thanks for this great mod, it's really great - like everyone else here I love the game itself, and just wish to play at better resolutions!

Whenever I try to play WinZMod on my Windows 7 64bit Atom 1.3GHz machine, which has an ATI HD6450 I find that it is very slow when playing in fullscreen. If I play windowed however, it is perfectly fine?

I am playing at XGA, but the speed is still very noticably slower in normal and SVGA resolutions.

Why does it run so much smoother when using the /w3d option, to make it windowed? If it's bbecause of sing the hardware acceleration from the 3d card then why can't I do that fullscreen?

Anyway, thanks a bunch!

Re: Z Expansion 1.7 beta

Posted: 2012-03-02, 21:59
Fix Color Bug for WinZMod

Add file "Z.bat" game dir and run game through "Z.bat"