Critical File missing: main.pac

Post questions and issues for Antares' Z Expansion XP patch here. This comfortable launcher allows to play Z Expansion in W2K/XP/Vista.

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Re: Critical File missing: main.pac

Post by lil' T » 2009-01-24, 12:34

There you go. The Windows version is the download you are looking for:

Actually, you don't need to install the game everytime you want to run it. Remove any lines with "install" from the autoexec section and make sure it looks like this (if you followed the instructions some posts above):

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mount d /Z_CD -t cdrom
mount ? /ZED
cd ZED
The last line is optionally. It runs Z whenever you run DOSBox.
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Re: Critical File missing: main.pac

Post by lingm04 » 2009-01-25, 22:09

i did everything you said but its says unable to change to ZED.

I think the only way for me is to intstall the game everytime and then play it, adleast i can save games.

thanks for your help again
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