Multiplayer help needed

Post questions and issues for Antares' Z Expansion XP patch here. This comfortable launcher allows to play Z Expansion in W2K/XP/Vista.

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Multiplayer help needed

Post by uberstonks » 2009-02-22, 23:11

Hi all... Was I pleased when I stumbled across this site and the Expansion XP that allows me to play Z again on Vista after all these years...

My problem is multiplaying. Everything is great on single player but I cant see any other PC's when trying to multiplay between 2 pcs. I have 2 desktop machines and a laptop and cant get any of them to see each other when I try and play a 2 player multiplay game.
I have disabled the Windows firewall and even disabled the firewall on my router but I still cant see.
I have tried being a host on all of my machines and that makes no difference and I know the IP address of all the PC's
ONe desktop runs XP the laptop and the other desktop runs Vista. I have tried both version 1.6 and 1.7 but I still cant get the PCS to play multiplayer.
I can also ping each PC with no problem ..... Help :(
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Re: Multiplayer help needed

Post by Zaibatsu » 2009-06-15, 06:20

Try connecting the two PCs directly using a crossover cable.

Another possibility is that you are entering an IP address into the join game window when really you should just leave that field blank and click next. This is how my friend and I play - the game is there when we click next as long as one person is hosting it first. No IP needed unless you're playing from a distance, at which point you use Hamachi and put in the IP address from that.
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