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Postby fanlynne » 2011-03-19, 13:13

Hi all,

We use all Windows DNS servers and are thinking of switching to Integrated Zones for our AD zone. Some questions I had.

1. Does it make a difference if some of the DCs will be 2003 and some will be 2008?

2. Does DNS need to be turned on on all of our DCs?

3. Right now it's setup so that only one of our DNS servers has the primary zone for the AD zone, and the rest of the DNS servers pull that zone down as a secondary zone. Do I need to delete the secondary zone on existing DCs that are running DNS before switching to AD Integrated Zones? My fear is that if the zone already exists as a secondary zone on the DCs, it will somehow mess things up.

Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Help

Postby FreakNigh » 2011-03-21, 08:44

Spam. delete fanlynne
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