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Post by BallWin » 2007-01-04, 18:40

Later I shall write a tutorials. Now I have not time. Too much work.
I shall answer the given questions.
Tanel K wrote:How much can i edit the level? Only move the objects? Or change territories and flags? Can i move forts, edit terrain?
It is possible to change all. If there will be enough time and diligence.

I shall repeat some things:
The ZEditor keeps each level in a separate folder - levela0, levela1 etc. The declensional endings of the name of folders consistently changes on a0, a1, a2... B0, b1, b2 etc. All files in folders change so.
ZEditor at preservation of a level creates in folders a standard set of files, same as in game levels. For example for a folder levela0:
- BRIDGEa0. DAT (information on bridges)
- BUILDa0. DAT (information on factories)
- CPUPLRa0. DAT (information on territories, AI, starting groups)
- LEVELa0. MAP (graphic data)
- OBJECTa0. DAT (objects - from cactus, up to free tanks)
- Levela0.exp (only specifies executable file ZEditor for a level"a0")

Knowing it, you can carry out original game levels in ZEditor. How it to make? Easily:
1. To create an empty level in ZEditor (if this first preservation, the data of a level will appear in a folder levela0).
2. We copy all files from a game level (is allowable, from LEVEL01) in a folder with a level ZEditor (is allowable, levela0).
3. We delete from a folder files ZEditor (BRIDGEa0, BUILDa0 and etc.) save levela0.exp.
4. We change name game levels. BRIDGE01, BUILD01 will become BRIDGEa0, BUILDa0 and etc. (01 is replaced on a0).
Now game level will be started in ZEditor.
So editing levels in Z1 (COOL, DOS, COOL XP) begins. ZEditor is necessary as a means of visual display of changes. In ZEditor we look meanings of coordinates. The valid editing occurs in HexWorkshop. It is impossible to save the changed level in ZEditor. The saved level will not work in any version Z1.
Tanel K wrote:However, it seems that i edited some level files which i shouldn't have, Z-Cool was no longer able to play them.
It may well be that (step by step):
— CPUPLR—. DAT, the incorrect coordinates of territories are given. The level is CRASH.
— CPUPLR—. DAT, meanings of coordinates units outside a level. The level is CRASH.
— LEVEL—. MAP, intervention in service (no-graphic) data. The level is CRASH.
— OBJECT—. DAT, meanings of coordinates units outside a level. The level is CRASH.
— BUILD—. DAT, the factory is placed atop of another. The level is CRASH.
— BUILD—. DAT, meanings of coordinates factory outside a level. The level is CRASH.
— BRIDGE—. DAT, any change of meanings of coordinates of the bridge. The level is CRASH.

The list is not complete, though. Always it is possible to make something else to receive CRASH ;)
Tanel K
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Post by Tanel K » 2007-01-04, 23:14

Ahh, i see. I wonder if anyone would bother making a Z98->Z1 map converter :)

How can Z98 open up Z1 files though, while Z1 can't open Z98 ones? There's got to be some similarities. I'll do some research myself as well.
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Post by CHYROS » 2007-01-10, 16:07

Hi guys, I'm back from vacation!
Tanel K wrote:How can Z98 open up Z1 files though, while Z1 can't open Z98 ones? There's got to be some similarities. I'll do some research myself as well.
I think it's because of the .EXP format, but what the difference between that and vanilla Z map files are, I don't know.
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