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Z Mod

Posted: 2005-06-24, 22:49
I am plannig of making a Z mod.
I want to use the Warhammer: Dawn of War engine for it.

If you want to help out please check my Z-Mod topic and/or contact me at zmod[at] . ... post888842

Posted: 2005-06-24, 22:57
I myself am working on the mod, and I know that is not Z, but I think that it still can be a really cool mod, and it will definately not replace Z.

I think that it will be very cool to see the units more detailed like in the movie scenes.
The gameplay is also very much like Z.

And I personaly think that you can wait a very long time for an update from the bros. or not even an update, so that's why I make this mod, that's the least I can do.

So If you have some model skills, texture skills or you are familiar with Warhammer: Dawn of War engine check out this link and help me make this great mod!:

Posted: 2005-06-24, 22:58
by Eastwind
i find your idea really cool , but for my i can't be very helpfull to you because :
1 i rarely play 3D games
i never played DOW Warhammer 4000
My pc is not enough powerfull (5 years old )

I will keep an eyes on it and send you every ressource that it can eventually be helpfull to you .

For my part , i started to learn python for programme zed , if one time zed come open , i hope this module can be easyly added
(add a python engine module or something like that )
But it will take long time because study , and other project i have .

Posted: 2005-07-07, 21:41
by Phil K
Keep us informed as to how you're getting on, B. :wink:

Posted: 2005-07-07, 22:11
I sure will, but I almost give up :( .

I have posted my plans on a few forums and don't have any replies where people offered help.
Well there is one person who would like to help, but is currently working on another mod unfortunately.
There were replies that they would love to see the mod, and liked Z very much, but that doesn't help me :( .

Posted: 2005-07-08, 20:30
by schildje
I hope my contact in america will be of some assistance to you beserker
maybe then you could work at the project
would be totally cool :D
i wish i could program and script and stuff
but don't wurry
i'm studying for it :D

Posted: 2005-09-04, 22:44
Well, I give up on the mod.
It has been a while since I started contacting people etc. for the mod, and couldn't get anyone to help for the mod unfortunately! :empty:

So let's pray very hard for a sequel for Z!

Getting it

Posted: 2005-11-28, 19:28
by lock10
All of that and I still dont get it.