New Z Editor development planned

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New Z Editor development planned

Postby Andrew » 2007-08-19, 21:28

I make two single maps with Z Editor and patch that maps with Z-Tools. There is my notes about the process...

First, Z-Tools is buggy, under XP when I choose gun in right list, exception raised. Also I see strange effects when I change unit order - right values x/y unchanged sometimes.

Second, in game rocks sprites on my maps is blink, and have wrong edges (bug).

Third, I should change screen color depth to 16bit for editing maps in Z Editor.

Fourth, no way to define abyss which block robots from moving through it - much standard maps have it, and i didn't understand why Z Editor haven't such ability.

Fifth, I cannot define waterfalls and trees around the map - only entire unbroken rocks around any map and no more.

Sixth, very hard to set bridges on map, before it I should define water and road, only after that I can to set up bridge. May be that my misunderstanding.

All of this can be decided if I write own map editor. I think we have here much utilities for reverse-engineering of Z exp map files and resources. Any questions/suggestions will be appreciated.
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Re: New Z Editor development planned

Postby BallWin » 2007-08-21, 13:11

Andrew wrote:I make two single maps with Z Editor and patch that maps with Z-Tools. There is my notes about the process...
With regard to Z_Tools:
а) Z _ Tools is not the official program and is it not interrelated with ZEditor.
б) Z _ Tools - beta version only. It of Open Source. Anyone can receive an initial code for correction of mistakes and improvement of the program. Link is present in Z _ Tools (search in the menu Help\About). In heading of the letter to write "Z _ Tools". Receive it and press bugs. I do not have on it time.

With regard to ZEditor:
1) Personally I am dissatisfied by the small size of a window of the program, which cannot be increased
2) The basic question - how you are going to keep a map?

Idea good. Sincerely I wish to you good luck. :)

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