Company of Hereos = Z mod?

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Company of Hereos = Z mod?

Post by berlab » 2008-08-08, 14:10


I dont know if anyone has played this game, but it seems a good setup for a Z mod the game shows close Similarity to the classic Z territory warfare!

take a peak and see what you reckon :)
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Re: Company of Hereos = Z mod?

Post by BeSerKa » 2009-02-07, 03:32

Interesting that you mention this about company of heroes,

Because I have been playing Company of Heroes for the last few years, and my first thoughts of the game were the similarity in gameplay, and game tactics, in relation to the way flag/territories are captured and held.

I've been watching the various Mods coming from some fairly talented artists with CoH, and always wanted to release a mod for Z.

We should talk further about this...

My Msn messenger is vand31 AT

I stumbled upon this thread because I'm making a custom map for CoH, an exact replica of Lvl19 Bridges. And I'm trying to find out how to get a hold of some of the sprites for the roads and paths.
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