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Ideas for a modification

Post by buman » 2009-02-28, 22:13

Hey guys.
I've been thinking about starting a mod-project to create a mod inspired by Z and its gameplay.
The main questions are:
1.) What game should this mod be based on?
2.) What kind of gameplay shall it be (Strategy, Shooter or a combination)?
3.) Who's gonna help me with this? Who has some experiences with the games mentioned below?

Possible games:

1.) Strategy:

1.1.) WarCraft III:
WC3 could be a good base for a mod because of it's complex trigger-system. Still I don't know enough about it to say wether it would allow to do the Z-gameplay without additional programming.

1.2.) Dawn of War:
Berserker told me it'd be a great fundament for a z mod.

1.3.) Company of Heroes:
This game already supports a sector-domination gameplay.

2.) Shooter:

2.1.) Half Life 2:
HL² would be a great fundament to combine a shooter with a strategy game. With the complex input/output-trigger-system it would at least party be possible to integrate the Z-gameplay. Still I'm not sure in which way this would be best.
Btw I do know how to make maps for the Source(HL²-)engine and I know a lot of stuff about the trigger-system (been mapping for many years).

2.2.) UT (2k3, 2k4, 3):
Someone already posted some tests with UT.


What am I planning to achieve?
I'd just like to bring back the old Z-feeling. 2 factions fight against each other, the just fight - in a world where war is just .... heavy metal!

So, plz discuss.
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