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Z with the Starcraft 2 editor?

Posted: 2010-08-18, 18:51
by RocketFuel
What do you think about doing a "Z" game with the new Starcraft 2 -Editor?

There a a lot of units you can use.
I think the editor is easy to use. Still, to do the Articial Intelligence is probably difficult.
But to import the original sounds and the music should not be a big problem...

Anyway, what do you think?

Re: Z with the Starcraft 2 editor?

Posted: 2010-08-26, 21:05
by Dilgar
Would be a good base on which to build, the SC2 engine will be around for long. I would even pay to get a Z mod of SC2!

Re: Z with the Starcraft 2 editor?

Posted: 2010-08-27, 04:58
by FreakNigh
I haven't played starcraft 2 or messed with the map editor, but there was a guy making a z mod for starcraft 1 with the editor so maybe he might be interested in continuing with starcraft 2?

Re: Z with the Starcraft 2 editor?

Posted: 2010-09-08, 20:08
by PredaN00b
Hey all! I wanted to say, that I was making my own Z mod for starcraft 2 (although it was still very early in development) when I was contacted by a group of modders who told me that I didn't need to do that because they were making one too, and they are very near beta version!
Here are the video links:

Enjoy ^_^

Re: Z with the Starcraft 2 editor?

Posted: 2010-10-06, 12:28
by MelleMellowski
Hey Guys,

I'm the one PredaNoob talked about and now for u some new Gameplay Demos

but btw the grafics of the grenades changed a bit - they are not 'rockets' anymore but look now like real grenades and they spin around while they fly - and the weapons of the units got now custom drawn pictures of the weapons according to Z

But i got some questions, too:

Can somebody send me savegames for Z95 so i can see the higher levels (cuz i start my study in the next days, and i think i won't have the time to play the game on my own)

AND(and this question is really important to me)

can anybody post plz what these factories are able to build:

Robot Factory 2 *
Robot Factory 3 *

Vehicle Factory 2 *
Vehicle Factory 3 *

Fort Factory 2 *
Fort Factory 3 *
Fort Factory 4 *

cuz in fact of i didn't reached the higher levels on my virtual pc using Z95 - so i haven't see these factories yet


Re: Z with the Starcraft 2 editor?

Posted: 2010-12-11, 19:32
Hey Guys, nice work!
I'd love to help you guys out.
I have animating, textureing, and modeling skills...;)