Setting up a server via Zod Engine

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Setting up a server via Zod Engine

Postby Vega » 2017-12-07, 18:35


I recently discovered Zod Engine and am amazed with what you did - I'm writing here because the official Zod Engine forum seems to be dead, or at least overran with spambots so I have no hopes of getting to anyone there :(

Now I'd like to create a (dedicated) server for me and my friends, but I cannot figure out how to do that, as every game I set up via the "-d" command (dedicated server) results in the game failing to launch. I'd like to run the engine on a laptop and then join that server.

I'd be happy if anyone could help me, thanks :)
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Re: Setting up a server via Zod Engine

Postby FreakNigh » 2018-01-13, 22:16

Are you running with windows? It is probably running however it is in the background. You probably need to use task manager to see it. You might need to setup port forwarding for your router too.

There is an idea to have it whichever game you make (dedicated or normal) it publishes it on a public listing so other's can easily join. It might be one of the next things we do because the server is obviously getting too many people to run on one server.
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