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How did you know about this site?

Posted: 2005-07-29, 02:25
I think I found this site by accident while searching on google, but im not sure.
And that's been a while, and when I got a mail the forum was online I registered right away ;)

Posted: 2005-07-31, 07:42
I've been visiting the ZZone for awhile and I noticed that the guestbook was getting active. I asked George if he thought about having a forum. I started making a phpbb forum to see what was involved and designed some graphics for the forum but George bet me to it. :)


Posted: 2005-08-01, 21:40
by Zod
Hi all,

I was thinking about the forum for quite a while but didn't expect so many busy visitors. Well, you proved me wrong.

Kissmad made the stone rolling again by his request, so I started making one. Shortly before I finished, Kissmad presented me his version on a forum and some of his ideas were actually quite like I had implemented it. Must be the mental Zod magic... :lol:

Anyways, I am really glad you guys are using it so frequently and thanks, Kissmad, for giving me the final push doing it.

Have fun,

Posted: 2005-08-02, 03:37
I admit that I didn't think that the forum would take off quite like it did but we needed a forum just for Z. 8)

Posted: 2005-08-02, 03:57
I didn't know there were so many Z fans.

Posted: 2005-08-02, 04:40
BERSERK3R wrote:I didn't know there were so many Z fans.
I'm suprised that there are still some Z fans around. :)

Posted: 2005-08-03, 00:24
by Klaflefalumpf
We're still here :P

I found it by searching 'Commander Zod' on google images looking for a good msn display pic and saw a screenie and thought 'what kind of vehicle is that?' clicked on it and 'A site just for Z? Woohooo!'

Posted: 2005-08-16, 20:38
by Loknar
I also found this site via google search for pictures to make an avatar from.
And what a splendid site it is! Great work! :cheers:

Made me grab my old Z cd and started playing it again. Well.. configuring at least. Still having trouble with sound and some videos.

Anyhow, back to playing! :D

Posted: 2005-08-18, 16:59
by Zno1
i had been looking at this site for ages and then i thought lets join the forom i found this site by another z site

Posted: 2005-08-19, 21:53
by Loknar
Hello fellow rookie ;)

What other site do you speak off?

Posted: 2005-08-19, 22:23
by Zno1