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Welcome to the Forum

Posted: 2005-06-23, 23:28
by Zod
Hello Everybody and Welcome,

upon several requests and since e-Mails and ZZone Feedback got quite busy lately I decided to finally open up the ZZone Forum. Also Bruce (he knows) was eager getting me there, so here you go.

When you post please watch what you're saying and stick to the common rules of a good behaviour.

I'd like to know what you think about the site and the forum. Let me know in the Feedback forum.

Best regards,
George "Zod"
Webmaster ZZone

Posted: 2005-06-24, 15:41
by Brad
Hey Zod,

cool thing with the forum. I love the game. I love the site. Keep up the good work. I would really love to see a revamped "ZXP" by the BB's.

Best regards,

Forum lauch

Posted: 2005-06-24, 23:40
by Eastwind
Very cool to launch the forum , thank you Commander Zod :)

Posted: 2005-07-26, 23:44
by kametyken
Thanks for the link, George, you'll get a link back ASAP.
Nice to see a living Z community here :)

Kind regards,

Re: Welcome to the Forum

Posted: 2008-03-29, 20:20
by Popov
"Toughs reporting!" :wink:
Just wanted to say hello to my fellow zoldiers. I'm amazed that Z community is alive and active! Finished the game several times and I was wondering if it's still possible to find some players on the net. Never actually played online, cause none of my friends were interested, but I guess having finished the game qualifies me as an experienced player. I hope I'll find some people ready to spill some oil on hamachi <logged on to "DOSBox-Z!" network">. I have a no-cd version that runs on xp <sorry for that, I've got no access to legal "Z"> and I suppose it should work fine. If not, I'll download the version someone has already put on rapidshare, but the real problem is finding players willing to play.

edit: as you see I'm CET so playing against USA/Canada/Aussie players might be a tad problematic. But everyone's welcome ,of course.

Re: Welcome to the Forum

Posted: 2008-03-30, 00:14
by XStrategy
Warm welcome to the forum, Mr. Popov! I think you will find a lot of Z players here, willing to play with you in hamachi ;) Try to contact Zen and buman for example :cheers: