Lumi's top 2006 Releases

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Lumi's top 2006 Releases

Post by lumina » 2007-06-24, 07:55

Two games out of all those I tried which were released during the year of 2006 I found stuck out in my mind more than any other. Both sadly I played nearly a year later after their release.

RPG PS2: SteamBot Chronicles US/ Bumpy Trot JP

This game.. how can I describe it? It is sadly an RPG which is fun. Yes you heard me, an RPG which is more play than work, well still work but atleast its enjoyable while working. I'm not lieing! It's true, no work, all play! No random battles, no leveling up characters to insane heights just so you can fight the next boss, none of that load of crap which has made me hate the concole RPG so much more than the online MMORPGS as its understandable if they force players to level up.

You get to pick from meny jobs during the game, police officer, cargo transporter, or even carriage driver shiping NPC characters from town to town for money. Kind of neat game as you get to powered a oil fueled steam powered robot the whole time. I'm not kidding, its pretty anime like and cute at that with cell shading on top of all that. You can even customize it to your hearts intent, including the license plate of all things.

Players can choose between being good or evil, or even inbetween. Or being not so evil but yet fighting for the evil people and turning on the evil people at the last second. Or be a 100% goodie tooshoo. Not like you pick "I want to be evil" or "I want to be good" you're actions during the game decide it, but there is one key point that lets you pick to fight for an evil Fascist army or join the civilian defense force to stop them, which is the only clear good evil option in the game. So basically you're not stuck with the same old boring story line every time you play the game, in fact you can play it up to a dozen times and it still wouldn't be 100% the same each time.

The Battles are to die for. Since it isn't a level up part game, you really don't get stuck fighting anything which is impossible to kill. It really is just skill, you can even use your starter mecha parts and pwn the strongest enemies if you're good enough. Personally I like two mid range weapons from mid way into the game the most, I used them all the way until the end since they worked perfect for my style of fighting despite not being the greatest thing here and there, but my piloting made up for their lack of damage. You can go so far as to pick up an enemy robot and beat the crap out of his friend up with the robot you picked up. I mean I was fighting this big battle in the desert with two battle ships one evil side one good side and you can pick up an enemy mecha and beat the pants off the battle ship with their own soldiers. :rofl:

Thats all i'm going to say about the game don't want to spoil the funny moments for everyone. =P
I leave you with a Trailer. Japanese one is the best, it shows a lot of the jobs you can play, and good amount of combat gameplay.
Bumpy Trot

RTS: Take Command Second Manassas

I havn't played an RTS game which was as good as this for years now. Not much to say, if you've played Sid Meier's Gettysburg, then you're played this game basically. A small 3rd party game development team worked on reviving the once great Sid Meier's Civil War's series style game, and developed the Take Command series, which is perhaps the best American Civil War RTS game series to date, even better than the old Sid Meier's series of old.

It improves a lot of the nice gameplay, making the battles feel much larger by adding more troops on the screen, giving it a 3D feel but yet using 2D animation still. I mean you will never see more troops on the screen at once on nearly any other RTS game than you will see on Take Command Second Manassas. It kind of hurts when you see all the fallen soldiers all over the battle field after a hard 5 hours battle, yes 5 hours for 1 long fight at times, if you continue after mission ends anyways. Less talk more action... umm has a nice demo for the game. I think I have a new favorite RTS game *waves second place for poor old Z*

Fan made Trailer Below:
Take Command 2nd Manassas
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