Dosbox 0.71 released

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Dosbox 0.71 released

Post by Zen » 2007-08-23, 19:36


Just noticed that there is a new version of the emulator: 0.71
* Added a new recompiling cpu core which is easier to port!

* Added a x86_64 and a mipsel_32 recompiling core.

* Fixed hangups on certain platforms after long gameplay of several games.

* Fixed several joystick bugs.

* Improved cdrom support. (fixes for audio, iso and detection.)

* Improved SVGA and VESA. (detection and display)

* Fixed a few textmodes and improved ansi emulation a bit.

* Fixed pcspeaker and certain types of soundeffects.

* Added undocumented mousebackdoor.

* Made mount and imgmount a bit easier to use. (ioctl by default, support
for ~ and ~username, auto size guessing for images)

* Fix a few compilation problems on various hosts and a general code

* Several small fixes that improve compatibility.
Probably the stability was improved again. I didn't notice any changes except the now working cursor in the main menue of Z. Maybe we can now play the 3 player rounds without a crash!

Have a nice day! Zen
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lil' T
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Post by lil' T » 2007-08-27, 20:45

I thought I might inform you about yet another update of DosBOX. Version 0.72 is out already. Z has already been working decently since 0.7 so this update is not really worth mentoning. :wink:
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Post by CHYROS » 2007-08-29, 19:20

Hello people, back again to terrorize you yet again! :P

Actually, I got Z working long before .70, \t least with .95 and I believe even .93 . Anyway, I'm gonna put this in misc.
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