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thk u

Posted: 2007-05-17, 14:29
by gokturklu
thank u for everything I am turk my name is gokturklu and I am new thank u for everthing :cheers:

Posted: 2007-05-17, 17:41
Hello and welcome!

Errr, what exactly are you thankful about?

Posted: 2007-05-17, 23:32
by buman
whatsoever , this is funny :cheers:

Posted: 2007-05-20, 15:08
by gokturklu
I said thank you because of everything mmm thank you for forum and for dowlnload links and now I have z95 that game is my childhood game in my childhood I played only demo from now on I have full one thank you thank u thank u thank u :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

Posted: 2007-05-20, 17:15
by Lazy123
Innit just. 8) This site has helped Z, though it is still quite a obscure game.

Why dont you play online with one of us gokturklu?

Posted: 2007-05-21, 10:13
by gokturklu
I am new I played before years ago and I am learning now furthermore I dont know any strategy so I am noob and I am the noobest person :))))) you will defeat me I know

Posted: 2007-05-21, 13:39
by Lazy123
Spose so you'll get owned. :(

Well practice up. Learn what the strengths of the units and how to attack and defend properly.
Read the forum, plenty of tips about for you. :cheers:

& this: ... &Itemid=52

Posted: 2007-05-22, 13:25
by gokturklu
thank u thank u I am emberased :oops: