Z95 Expansion now up at Demoniod.com

Since Z95 is not on sale anymore here is the place to trade, sell or let others know if you find a spot where you can get your hands on it.

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Z95 Expansion now up at Demoniod.com

Postby moviez101 » 2005-07-02, 18:56

I now have the Z95 Expansion bittorrent up for grabs at http://www.demonoid.com

*** http://www.demonoid.com/***

Hope this helps!!

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Postby Zod » 2005-07-04, 19:54

hi moviez,

no offense but pls don't post direkt links to Z/Z95 sources here until I have allowance to do so. Instead offer the forum visitors to write you a PM so you can get in conact with them directly.

I appreciate you providing the many fans with such links but from a legal point of view I cannot have them here directly at the moment.

Thanks for your understanding,
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Phil K
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Postby Phil K » 2005-07-06, 18:09

Yep, George is spot on. But I'd certainly like to get my mits on a better copy of my battered and scratched original Z !
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Postby abrcadet » 2005-10-05, 05:45

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Man, did you open the wrong door or what?
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yes i would like a copy of the expansion.

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