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Nuke Them All – Demo on Steam !

Nuke Them All – the Z-like game we wrote about in May has finally arrived. Read more about it in this article. Find out where to download the demo or how to find it on Steam and what its author has to say about it.

Nuke Them All – Z Resurrection ?

Will the classic Z game resurface again? Well, not the original of course. But here is an announcement that makes the Z world better already. Development is ongoing for “Nuke Them All” which is very much based on Commander Zod.

Zed Online – Commander Zod reborn

Zed Online

Zed Online is a remake of the classic strategy game Commander Zod (or just Z). Get it here, play it here…

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Zed Online

Zed Online – The Game

Zed Online is a remake of the classic strategy game Commander Zod (or just Z).

Over the last 10 years or so, several projects have been started to bring back Commander Zod to……

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The Bitmap Brothers

Written for the ZZone by Dastardly and George – 2006-06-17

The independant company The Bitmap Brothers was co-founded in Wapping, East London in 1987 by Mike Montgomery, Eric Matthews and Steve Kelly.

Within a year their first game was completed and from the very start Xenon……

Commander Zod 4 Player Levels

Level 1 – Desert : 4 Players

The four forts are in the corners of the battlefield. Each player’s home territories take up a quarter of the map. There are a large number of bridges onto the island in the centre which contains four factories each……

Commander Zod 3 Player Levels

Level 1 – Desert : 3 Players

In this level each player has three “home” territories in addition to the fort territory. The contested territories contain a repair facility and a 3* tank factory. Each of these can be accessed by two of the three players……

Commander Zod 2 Player Levels

Level 1 – Desert : 2 Players

Based on Level 2, control of the central territory is very important. Moving quickly at the outset to capture the available hardware and home territories is essential to give you an advantage over your opponent. The use of grenades……