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Commander Zod City Levels

Level 17 – City : Car Park


A river runs from north to south, splitting the map into two halves. On a large island to the south lies a……

Commander Zod Jungle Levels

Level 13 – Jungle : Hot & Steamy


The introduction of chasms means there are areas of the map which cannot be crossed by any unit. Both CPU forts……

Commander Zod Arctic Levels

Level 9 – Arctic : Slippery Jim


There are many islands in this map – some with resources connected by roads and bridges. Many of areas can……

Commander Zod Volcanic Levels

Level 5 – Volcanic : Hot Nuts


A large volcanic river separates the battlefield into two halves. Access is only possible via the road system around the edges. The player……

Commander Zod Desert Levels

Level 1 – Desert : Virgin Soldiers


The player starts with a limited number of robots. This is a simple map with limited territories and resources. Jeeps are the main……

Commander Zod Units


Vulnerable to

Distracting enemy fire

Sniping Jeep drivers

Attacking Snipers; Good in APCs

Sniping Gatling gunners and vehicle drivers; Capturing vehicles due to high intelligence

Attacking slow vehicles, buildings & bridges; Good in……

Commander Zod Combat


Sending an additional unit into a combat will enhance your chances of winning. E.g. sending even just a unit of Grunts in with a medium tank to attack an opposition medium tank will draw his fire or even confuse your opponent and will increase you chance of victory considerably.
When you use multiple units as described……

Commander Zod Mistakes and Control

Common Mistakes

Rushing across the map to capture territories: Capturing territories in the computers half of the battlefield at the beginning of the game may give the player the initial advantage, but this is unlikely to be a winning strategy as the players units will be spread to thinly over the battlefield.
Sending units into attack without……

Commander Zod Basic Strategy

Basic Strategy

In Z the computer player does not play a pre-set strategy but reacts in real-time to the decisions that the player makes. Therefore it is not possible to define a sequence of orders for each level which will guarantee winning a battle. However there is a basic strategy that should be employed which will……

Commander Zod Single Player Guide


This Commander Zod Single Player Guide was written by the Bitmap Brothers in September 1996. It is the original text but still valid of course even for the recently re-released versions of the game for Android and Windows. You are still playing the same game, still……