Commander Zod 2 Player Levels

Level 1 – Desert : 2 Players


Based on Level 2, control of the central territory is very important. Moving quickly at the outset to capture the available hardware and home territories is essential to give you an advantage over your opponent. The use of grenades to blow up rocks is an important part of the opening stages of this level.

Start Units

3 Psychos / 1 Tough / 1 Lt. Tank


Send 1 unit of Psychos along the road to capture the Medium tank behind the rocks in the corner of the map (Point1). They will pick up the grenades they need to blast through the rocks as they go.

Send a second unit of Psychos to capture the flag and Light tank in the side territories (Point 2). Again the grenades needed are on the road and will be collected automatically. The central territory is very important and you should try to capture the flag (Point 3) and the gun protecting it with your final unit of Psychos (Toughs move too slowly).

If you fail to get there first, you can reduce the effectiveness of the factory by destroying the bridges using your tanks or Tough robots. Bear in mind, though, that the bridges will automatically rebuild. Be careful to defend the territory containing your tank factory and radar station (Point 4) as this is vulnerable to sneak attacks from several directions.

Level 2 – Volcanic : 2 Players


The centre of the map is very important as it contains a repair facility as well as a powerful factory. Using the repair facility to repair your defending vehicles can be vital to your success in this level. You must also judge what is the most powerful unit you can build in your vehicle factories as waiting for an expensive unit to be manufactured can allow your opponent to gain an advantage over you.

Start Units

1 Tough / 1 Sniper / 2 Psychos / 1 Med. Tank


Send your Toughs into the APC (Point 1) and bring it to the centre of the map.

Send your Psychos over the bridge to the side of your fort and around to the light tank and territory flag on the side of the battlefield (Point 2).

Send your Snipers across, past the APC, to pick up the grenades and blast their way through the rocks to capture the light tank in the rock circle on the other side of the map (Point 3).

Send your Medium tank to the centre to capture and protect your 4* robot factory. Once established you can try one or more of the following:

  • Send your light tank with your Psycho in it to blast through the rocks and bombard your opponents 4* tank factory.
  • Send your medium tank with backup from your APC to attack your opponent’s robot factory and repair facility in the centre.
  • Build Pyros in your 4* robot factory and put them in your APC in place of the Toughs – this is a very potent combination!

A risky option is to build a heavy tank in your 4* tank factory. If you can get it built in time it may well be a level winning unit.

Level 3 – Arctic : 2 Players


Based on The Wall, control of the territory in the centre is vital to maintain a territorial advantage. Robots play a major part in this level since vehicle access to your opponents fort is slowed by the lack of connecting roads at the sides of the map. Raiding mission with Snipers across the water to your opponents Fort can often win the battle.

Start Units

2 Psychos / 1 Sniper / 2 Toughs / 1 Med. Tank


Once again, send a unit of Toughs to get in the APC to the side of your fort and a unit of Psychos to capture the light tank close to it (Point 1). Send this group to form a defensive block near to the wall by your 3* tank factory (Point 2).

Send your Medium tank and a second unit of Psychos towards the other side of the battlefield to take the 4* tank factory surrounded by rocks (Point 3).

Send your fast moving Snipers towards the island flag near to your fort, collecting the grenades on the way. Then send them on to try to capture the central territory. Your second unit of toughs should also be sent to the central territory to support the Snipers.

In this level it is important to make robots, particularly Snipers or Toughs in your fort.Get these units to the central territory as you have a one territory advantage over your opponent as long as you hold it. It is likely that this territory will change hands several times so do not concern yourself too much with what is built there.

Level 4 – Jungle : 2 Players


The central road, flanked by chasms, is a major feature of this map. It is also a very dangerous way to approach your opponent�s fort. The idea of holding a defensive position on one flank whilst pressing for advantage on the other is fundamental in this level.

Start Units

1 Psycho / 1 Tough / 1 Sniper / 1 Pyro / 1 Med. Tank / 1 Heavy Tank


Send your heavy tank up the central road. Try to get as far as the central flag (Point 1) but be prepared to fall back as, if you lose your tank, you will be in trouble.

Send your Snipers to run quickly across to take the medium tank (Point 2) and then bring the whole group up the same side of the map to try to take the flag protected by a Gatling gun on an island. (Point 3).

Send your Toughs to take the territory close to your fort containing the 5* tank factory and then to blast through the rocks to rendezvous with your Sniper/Medium group.

Send your Pyros to get into the APC after moving them so that one gets in the howitzer in front of your fort, Then send it and your Medium tank up to take and hold the road junction by the repair facility (Point 4).

Send your Psychos to capture the other corner territory to the side of your fort and then bring them up to join your APC/Medium group – picking up the light tank on the way (Point 5).

Making Lasers in your fort and the robot factory close by can be a good tactic – especially to defend the central road.

There are many possible tactics in this level. Be prepared to react swiftly to what your opponent does.

Level 5 – City 1 : 2 Players


The large central area of this map is split into four territories separated by walls. It is essential to try to occupy two of these whilst maintaining a good defence of your home territories which are around the sides of the battlefield.

Start Units

2 Psychos / 1 Sniper / 1 Pyro / 2 Lt. Tanks


Run your Snipers to capture the Mobile Missile Launcher (Point 1) and send a Light tank up the road to support it. Once the Snipers have captured the Mobile Missile Launcher, send them on to capture the 5* tank factory in the corner (Point 4).

Send a unit of Psychos to take the Heavy tank (Point 2) supported by your second Light Tank.

Send your second set of Psychos across the river to take the territory (Point 3), the Light Tank, the Double Missile launcher and the Gun.

Send your Pyros to wait by the 5* tank factory to the side of your fort and make an APC.

Make either a Heavy Tank or a Mobile Missile Launcher in your fort.

Once established, you should watch your opponent and try to take one of the 4* tank factory territories in the centre (Point 5).

Look for opportunities to make (and watch out for) sneak attacks across the river in the top left and bottom right of the battlefield.

Level 6 – City 2 : 2 Players


The three (initially destroyed) bridges between the forts rebuild quickly in the multi-player game and it is vital to watch these carefully. The level hinges around the outcomes of the large battles which take place inside the rocks on the left and right of the map.

Start Units

1 Sniper / 1 Tough / 1 Pyro / 1 Psycho / 2 Lt. Tanks / 1 Med. Tank


Leave at least one artillery unit (e.g. Light tank) in front of your fort to keep the bridges destroyed until you want them repaired. Build other units which can keep the bridges destroyed as soon as possible (e.g. Toughs) so that you keep control.

Send your Pyros to capture the APC.

Send your Tough robots across the river to blast a direct route into one of the side territories.

Split your forces evenly and move round to capture the territories to the left and right of your fort (Points 1 & 2) capturing the territories and hardware behind your fort on the way.

Build powerful units and reinforce your forces either side until you can make an assault – do not be tempted to try this too early. A few guerrilla operations in the centre may draw some of his forces back to defend his fort.

You can use your Mobile Missile Launcher to destroy your opponents 5* robot factory (Point 3) behind the rocks from a distance which will keep it out of sight of the defending howitzer.