About the ZZone

The ZZone

I launched the ZZone in 2004 as a combination of a main website and a community forum. It soon became the official fan website, acknowledged by the Bitmap Brothers, offering first-hand information for the fan community.

In early 2013, due to technical reasons, I took down the main site while the forum was continued. The forum remained active until today and is the only official Z community left on the web.

Mid 2014, with the release of the original game on Steam and GoG, I overhauled and revived the main site, again providing information, media and other resources about this awesome game.

The story goes on of course. Other fans and developers started to re-implement the game based on modern technologies and platforms. DaMarkov was one of them with his implementation of Zed Online. In 2019 we started a collaboration for his “Zed Online” installment. Along those activities, I completely revamped the ZZone main site again. That’s the one you look at right now.

George “Zod” Lewe


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Content and Copyright

I created the content of the main site carefully. Where this is not the case it is properly indicated. If you feel that we have used material inappropriately, please let us know via the contact form of this site or by sending an email to zzone@leew.com.

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