Commander Zod

What the hell is Z? That’s right, there is really not much to associate with that letter. But then, in 1996 the Bitmap Brothers from the UK came out with this amazing real-time strategy game in which a “Commander Zod” plays a main (mean) role.

The Game “Commander Zod” or just “Z”

“Z” stands for the game in which the big time general commands a bunch of rude robots on some weird planets to fight some hair-rising battles against other robots. If you see or hear “Z” or ” Zod” anywhere in the computer game genre, this game is what it is referring to.

The first release of Z was based on DOS. Playing it under Windows 95 was possible but often very problematic. The Bitmap Brothers realized that the Windows platform was becoming much more popular and redesigned the game so it could be run under Windows 95. In 1998 they called the new version “Z95 + Expansion Kit” since they put some new levels, a Windows desktop theme and a multiplayer-level-editor on top. Z95 is still not a true Windows application though. For example you cannot take screenshots from the game using the Windows API functions. When the Windows 98 came out, the Bitmap Brothers even had to produce a little patch in order to make the setup routine work under Windows 98.

The game became very popular and so the Bitmap Brothers decided in 2001 to publish a completely new Commander Zod game, true 32-Bit Windows compatible and redesiging basically everything in it. The sequel ” Z:Steel Soldiers” unfortunately could not satisfy the expectations and is not successing Z95 successfully.

Still today I give this game 5 of 5 stars!

Press Opinions

  • A real-time wargame in a totally free environment, unhampered by discrete turns or dull hex grids.
  • A hair-raising race for territory and resources as you attempt to crush your opponent completely before he overpowers you.
  • An intuitive control interface – no need to wade through a large and boring manual, just pick up and play.
  • Super smooth multi-directional scrolling.
  • Twenty challenging levels played over five deadly planets each with a unique terrain ranging from frozen Arctic wastes to nightmarish lands of fire and lava.
  • The action in Z described in one word: Intense!


Developer The Bitmap Brothers
Producer Warner Interactive, Laurence Scotford, Graeme Boxall
Publisher Warner Interactive
Copyright © 1996 The Bitmap Brothers
Designer Eric Matthews, Steve Tall, Simon Knight, Martin F. Godber
Programmer Mike Montgomery, Bruce “Nezzy” Nesbit, Steve Tall, Steve Cargill, John Phillips
Storyboard Design Will Jeffrey, Jake West
Graphic Art Dan Malone, Mark John Coleman, Doug Walker, Chris Thomas, Terry Cattrell
Sound FX Chris Maule
Music David R. Punshon, Richard Wells, Chris Maule
Addl. SFX & Music Joe de Man
Voice Actors Brad Lavelle, Allan Marriot, Sharon Holme
Lead Testers Justin “Oz” Halliday, Chris Tudor Smith, Ben Walker, “Techno” Tim Mawson & The Warner Testers