Nuke Them All – the Z-like game we wrote about in May has finally arrived. Read more about it in this article. Find out where to download the demo or how to find it on Steam and what its author has to say about it.

The official trailer looks like a lot of fun. Modern game elements mixed with the good ole vibes of Commander Zod. Check it out and join our forum to let us know what you think.

Here is what “XStrategy” the author of the game told us about it:

My journey of crafting an indie RTS game started way back in 2006. I had this dream to recreate the classic game Zed (1996) – you know, the one with the adorable red and blue robots battling it out, capturing territories and flags, and trying to topple each other’s forts? I made a good progress and even visited Bitmap Brothers in UK. Unfortunately, the task proved to be a mammoth one, and we couldn’t bring the game to completion.


Fast forward 18 years, and here I am, having reignited my passion and dedication for this project but this time as a completely new game, not a remake however with familiar mechanics. Starting anew, I’ve developed “Nuke Them All” from scratch, with eyes set on launching it on Steam next year!


I hope you like it, it is NOT exact remake of Zed but you might see some familiar mechanics such as Flag capturing, killing enemy tank drivers, tank maneuvers, forts etc. And of course funny hand animated red robots with their classic voice lines :).

You can find a lot more information about Nuke Them All on Steam already and it put it on your wishlist. Best of all, get the demo right there:

Way to go, XStrategy! Thanks for all the work you have put into to it.