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Commander Zod 4 Player Levels

Level 1 – Desert : 4 Players

The four forts are in the corners of the battlefield. Each player’s home territories take up a quarter of the map. There are a large number of bridges onto the island in the centre which contains four factories each……

Commander Zod 3 Player Levels

Level 1 – Desert : 3 Players

In this level each player has three “home” territories in addition to the fort territory. The contested territories contain a repair facility and a 3* tank factory. Each of these can be accessed by two of the three players……

Commander Zod 2 Player Levels

Level 1 – Desert : 2 Players

Based on Level 2, control of the central territory is very important. Moving quickly at the outset to capture the available hardware and home territories is essential to give you an advantage over your opponent. The use of grenades……

Commander Zod Multi Player Strategy


The two, three and four player levels are designed so that the battlefield is split into equal parts each containing equal numbers of “home” territories. Within these maps, the roads are designed so that the distances to flags and hardware are equal whichever colour army you control.

In most of the multiplayer maps there are……

Commander Zod Multi Player Guide


This Commander Zod Multi Player Guide was written by the Bitmap Brothers in September 1996. It is the original text but still valid of course even for the recently re-released versions of the game for Android and Windows. You are still playing the same game,……

Commander Zod City Levels

Level 17 – City : Car Park


A river runs from north to south, splitting the map into two halves. On a large island to the south lies……

Commander Zod Jungle Levels

Level 13 – Jungle : Hot & Steamy


The introduction of chasms means there are areas of the map which cannot be crossed by any unit. Both CPU……

Commander Zod Arctic Levels

Level 9 – Arctic : Slippery Jim


There are many islands in this map – some with resources connected by roads and bridges. Many of areas……

Commander Zod Volcanic Levels

Level 5 – Volcanic : Hot Nuts


A large volcanic river separates the battlefield into two halves. Access is only possible via the road system around the edges. The……

Commander Zod Desert Levels

Level 1 – Desert : Virgin Soldiers


The player starts with a limited number of robots. This is a simple map with limited territories and resources. Jeeps are the……