Rebellion, one of Europe’s biggest multimedia studio out of Oxford, England, maker of the Sniper Elite game series acquired The Bitmap Brothers brand and portfolio. This could be good news for us Z fans.

Rebellion acquires The Bitmap Brothers brand and portfolio

Rebellion announced their acquisition on their website on Monday, 2019-11-25. Click the image on the left to read their article. The picture shows Rebellion’s co-founders Jason and Chris Kingsley and The Bitmap Brothers co-founder Mike Montgomery.

What does that mean for us, the Commander Zod fan community?

I would assume that Rebellion sees potential in the brand and most of all, portfolio of the Brothers. And one hell of a piece of that portfolio is Commander Zod. That our community is still active after over 20 years after its release and so pushy in getting the Z feeling back on screen is proof of that. The article says “Rebellion plans to bring classic The Bitmap Brothers games to new platforms…”. Oh my god, are they considering to bring Z back … ?

Just a few days ago, a new and overhauled release of Age of Empires and Age of Empires II was released on Steam. The “Definitive Edition” they call it. Optimized for 4K screens and all sound tracks re-recorded in high-definition. Evrything else is just the same. The same gameplay, the same look and feel, the same same. And that is key!

Dear Rebellion, if you do, if you really do consider bringing back the original Commander Zod, do the same! Do not re-design the storyline, the concept, the gameplay – you know that all of that is already awesome. Please bring it back as it is. Just port it to modern platforms, resolutions and sound quality.

We are all behind you, Rebellion, if you do. Let us know how we can help!