Commander Zod 3 Player Levels

Level 1 – Desert : 3 Players


In this level each player has three “home” territories in addition to the fort territory. The contested territories contain a repair facility and a 3* tank factory. Each of these can be accessed by two of the three players by road bridges. However, there are also two land routes into each of these territories (initially blocked with rocks) and this means that the tactical destruction of bridges can not lock out any area of the map. The three forts are also quite close together and sufficient provision should be made to defend against robots (particularly Snipers) coming across the central lake.

Start Units

1 Tough / 1 Sniper / 2 Psychos / 1 Med. Tank


Send the Toughs to get in the APC (Point 1) and then send the APC round towards the Light tank and Gun (Point 3).

Send Snipers to Light, Medium tanks, Gatling gun and flag at (Point 2).

A unit of Psychos should be sent to the Light tank and Gun (Point 3).

The second unit of Psychos should be sent to take the Island flag (Point 4).

Watch what your opponents do with their forces and send your original medium tank to join either the M.tank/Lt.tank combination or the Lt.tank/APC combination to make a bid for one of the contested territories. You can destroy the bridge on your weaker front to hold up the opposition for a while.

Bring back the remnants of your original robot units to provide a little extra protection at your fort entrance.

Players tend to leave their Fort undefended, therefore a player can often win by making Snipers and sending them across the lake and picking off the 2 Gunners on the fort.

Level 2 – Volcanic : 3 Players


Again, each player has three “home” territories which should be captured as quickly as possible. There are now two contested territories between each pair of players. One of these (Close to the fort) contains a 4* robot factory and Medium tank. The other contains a 4* Tank factory. Given that the Forts are close together it is easy for players to leave them undefended whilst concentrating their units on taking the contested territories. This is a very dangerous strategy that will mean losing to opportunist opponents.

Start Units

1 Tough / 1 Sniper / 1 Psycho / 1 Med. Tank / 2 Lt. Tanks


Send your Tough robots to get into the APC (Point 1). Send your Snipers to occupy the medium tank and gun (point 2). Your robot units will automatically capture the flag to another home territory on their way (Point 3).

Send your medium tank and 1 light tank to take the flag in your third “home” territory (Point 4).

Watch your opponents and position your Psychos and light tank close to one of the destroyed bridges which come into your fort territory (Point 5). As soon as it auto-repairs, run for the uncaptured tank defending your troops with the light tank.

Leave the newly captured tank in place until a gun or other defending unit can be built in the 4* robot factory.

Watch your opponent and make a bid for one of the contested 4* tank factories either using two tanks or the tank/APC combination.

Build robots to occupy the uncaptured tank (Point 6) or, alternatively, bring the remainder of your Psycho unit around to capture it.

Level 3 – Arctic : 3 Players


In this level, the forts are much further apart. The main battleground is in the centre of the map. Each player can quite easily capture part of this large central island but the central territory will always be heavily contested as will the territories around the edge which contain 4* robot factories.

Start Units

2 Snipers / 2 Psychos / 2 Med. Tanks / 1 Jeep


Send 1 unit of Snipers to take the territory in the centre of the map (Point 1) and to occupy the howitzer which defends the road (Point 2).

Send your second unit of snipers to take the territory containing the radar station and to occupy the gun by the flag (Point 3).

Send a unit of Psychos to occupy the uncaptured light tank and take the flag (Point 4) and send your jeep round to reinforce this group.

Send one medium tank to join the snipers by the gun (Point 3).

Send the other medium tank into the centre (Point 1). You might like to put the remainder of your Sniper unit into the APC to protect them but it is advisable to replace them with Toughs or Pyros as soon as you can make some.

You should now weigh up the position of enemy units and try to take one of the contested territories on the edge of the map (Point 5). If your opponents are slow of the mark you might also consider trying to take the central territory (Point 6) but beware of spreading your forces too thinly over the battlefield.

Level 4 – Jungle : 3 Players


This is a particularly frantic level as, apart from your fort territory, all other territories are contested. The best strategy to employ is to capture �your� hardware close to your base and wait to see where the other players send their units. Decide on the territories with the weakest resistance and send your units in. If you discover that both your opponents are pushing their offence towards your fort you could be in for a rough ride.

Start Units

1 Snipers / 1 Psychos / 1 Tough / 1 Pyro / 1 Heavy Tank / 2 Lt. Tanks


Move a unit of Snipers into the centre to capture the medium tank (Point 1).supported by a light tank or your Tough robots.

Move your Pyros into the APC and move it to the fort territory boundary (Point 2). Here you can put one of the Pyros into the Howitzer or wait for robots to be made elsewhere (This may take some time unless you build robots in your fort as the only robot factories are in contested territories).

Move your Psychos to occupy the light tank and howitzer (Point 3).

Now move your heavy tank and your light tank or Toughs (whichever you didn’t send into the centre) to join forces with either your APC (Point 2) or your light tank (Point 3) to make an assault on the contested territory adjacent to your fort territory.

Level 5 – City : 3 Players


In this level you, once again have home territories which must be captured as quickly as possible. The contested territories on the edge of the map can be accessed by road over bridges or from the central area.

Initially, all bridges are destroyed and you begin with only robots so it is important to capture and deploy the available hardware as soon as possible.

Start Units

2 Snipers / 2 Psychos / 1 Tough / 1 Pyro


Send a unit of Snipers supported by a unit of Toughs through the river to capture the Mobile Missile Launcher and secure the territory in the central battleground (Point 1).

Send your second Sniper unit to take the flag and capture the heavy and light tanks (Point 2) then send them on towards the bridge into the contested territory (Point 3).

Send your Pyros to get into the APC close to your fort and send it to the bridge onto the contested island territory (Point 5).

Send a unit of Psychos to capture the flag and the medium and light tanks (Point 4) and send them round to the bridge onto the contested territory (Point 5) where they should rendezvous with your APC.

Choose which side you are going to make your attack and which side you are going to defend.

Send your final unit of Psychos across the river to enter the contested territory from another angle (Point 6) or use them to reinforce your group in the centre.