Commander Zod 4 Player Levels

Level 1 – Desert : 4 Players


The four forts are in the corners of the battlefield. Each player’s home territories take up a quarter of the map. There are a large number of bridges onto the island in the centre which contains four factories each of which is likely to be controlled by a different player. This leads to vicious battles in this area. At the beginning of the battle you have no Robots to capture the available pieces of hardware in your home territories. It is important to gain control of your Robot factories as soon as possible to take advantage of these.

Start Units

1 APC / 2 Lt. Tanks / 2 Jeeps


Send your APC over to the uncaptured Medium Tank (Point 1). Get the driver out and pop him into the tank. This will give you a major advantage over any player who fails to do this. Send one of your Light Tanks over to support this unit.

Send your other Jeep and Light tank to defend the road junction at (Point 2).

Send a Jeep into the centre to get your robot factory working as quickly as possible (Point 3).

Look for your opponents failing to defend their uncaptured hardware. If this happens, mount a sneak attack to destroy it.

In the centre, try to poach your opponents’ territories just as his robot units are produced – This can be risky but fruitful.

Level 2 – Volcanic : 4 Players


The four forts are on the edges of the map in this level and many of the territory boundaries lie along rock walls. Roads from each of the forts meet in the centre and need to be heavily defended. A lot of the action takes place around the edge of the map as players break through these walls into enemy territory.

Start Units

2 Psychos / 1 Sniper / 2 Lt. tanks


Send your Snipers to capture the heavy tank (Point 1) and send a Light tank to support it.

Send one Psycho unit into the centre to capture the Gun (Point 2) supported by a light tank.

Send your second unit of Psychos to capture the three vehicles (Point 3). You should occupy the APC and bring it back from the wall as a good tactic is to destroy your opponents’ APC with your heavy tank if it is not captured.

If any player is slow to get his troops into his gun in the centre you can either occupy it with one of your Psychos or destroy it with your Light tank.

Make Pyros or Snipers in your 4* robot factory to put into your APC.

Level 3 – Arctic : 4 Players


A ring road goes all the way around the map with bridges at very strategic points. These bridges will need to be carefully defended. Once again, a road goes from each of the forts into the centre and there are also cross country routes, initially blocked by rocks.

Start Units

2 Snipers / 2 Psychos / 1 Tough / 1 APC / 1 Heavy Tank


Send your Snipers to capture the Howitzer in the centre (Point 1) picking up the Medium Tank on the way. Send your Heavy Tank into the centre to support this group.

Send 1 unit of Psychos to each of the light tanks (Points 2 & 3) and destroy the bridges.

Get the driver out of the APC and replace him with your Tough robots. Send the APC and the Grunt to the Gun by your 4* robot factory (Point 4) and put the Grunt into it.

Use your second unit of Snipers to take the flag on the island and leave them there to defend it – this territory is very vulnerable.

If any of your opponents are slow to get to their Light tanks, you can nip across the bridge to either steal or destroy them.

If you are careful you can use your APC to bombard your opponents’ 4* tank factory – but don�t get too close to the howitzer! However, it is easy to defend this factory and so it should be used to make powerful units.

Level 4 – Jungle : 4 Players


The four forts in this level are placed very close together in the centre of the map. They are separated by a combination of chasms and rock walls. The only road way between them lies around the outside of the map and the points on this road where the player�s home territories meet are, strategically, very important indeed.

Start Units

1 Snipers / 1 Psychos / 1 Tough 1 Pyro / 1 Lt. Tank / 1 Med. Tank


Send your Snipers to capture the Heavy Tank (Point 1) and then move it to support the APC.

Send your Pyros to get into the APC (Point 2) and your Psychos to capture the Medium Tank (Point 3) and send both your Light and Medium tanks to join it.

If your hardware at (Point 2) or (Point 3) outweighs that of your adjacent opponent you can destroy their vehicle factory.

Send your Toughs to the wall which is not defended by a gun. A possible tactic here is to launch an attack on your opponents� fort if he does not defend this point this unit.

Watch for your opponents failing to capture hardware or leaving factories undefended. Keep a balanced defence on all fronts and be ready to react to the movements of your opponents� forces.

Forming alliances with neighbouring players in this level can be very beneficial to both parties.

Level 5 – City : 4 Players


The forts are in the corners of the battlefield in this level. A huge central island is divided into four by rock walls. Each player has direct access to one of his opponents along a road. However, access to the other players’ strongholds is much more difficult and vehicles have to go via the central area – leading to major conflicts.

Start Units

2 Snipers / 2 Psychos / 1 Tough / 1 Mobile Missile Launcher


Send both units of Snipers across the river into the centre to pick up all the hardware and take the territory (Point 1).

Send a unit of Psychos to capture the Light Tank by the 5* robot factory (Point 2) supported by the Mobile Missile Launcher.

Send your second unit of Psychos and your Toughs across to the 4* tank factory (Point 3). Put the Toughs into the APC and get the Psychos to capture the Light Tank.

If your opponent has left minimal defences at (Point 3) you can take advantage of this by bringing your Heavy Tank and APC across to capture this territory. Once captured you can further frustrate your opponent by destroying the bridge to the main island, preventing him/her from bringing in units to recapture this territory.

The distance between the pieces of hardware prevent you from stealing your opponents’ vehicles unless they are very slow. The main strategy is to maintain your defensive line whilst you build up a strong force with which to make an assault. Control of individual units during battles between equal forces is very important in this level.