Zed Online

Zed Online is a remake of the classic strategy game Commander Zod (or just Z). Get it here, play it here…

Over the last 10 years or so, several projects have been started to bring back Commander Zod to live on modern technology. One of them was the Zod Engine by FreakNigh (Nighsoft). The Zod Engine is a great contribution to the community and brought us all back to those days again.

Based on the Zod Engine, DaMarkov started a fork called “Zed Online” and continued the development by adding a user interface, online multiplayer support and much more. Other contributors, including the ZZone, joined DaMarkov in his endeavor to bring back the game to the fans.

And back it is!

Go to the game page to download the game and go nuts about the bots again…

Best regards,
The ZZone