Love to hear Brad and Allan yell at you while you work in Windows? Enjoy this hilarious Commander Zod WIndows Sounds Scheme.


Zod Windows Sounds
Version: 1.0.0

Enjoy Commander Zod sounds in your Windows environment.

Zod Windows Sounds

Stuff happens in Windows. Each stuff is called an “event”. Windows offers a feature to accompany each event with a sound. You can pick a sound file for each event and save your selection as a Windows Sound Scheme.

Try it out. Start Control Panel, click on “Sound” and select the “Sounds” tab.

We extracted several sounds from the original Commander Zod game into short event sounds and put such a sound scheme together for you – the Zod Windows Sound Scheme.

Events and Sounds

Besides the game sounds we added some additional super short non-Zod sounds for other events. When you run the setup you can pick the complete package, onnly the Zod sounds or you r individual selection of the additional sounds.

Here are the events and sounds we put together for you in version 1.0.0. Future version might contain more or different sounds.

Event Zod Sound Non-Zod Sound (optional)
Application fault  
Application open  
Application Close  
Empty Recycle Bin  
Mail Beep  
Menu Command  
Menu Popup  
Application Open  
Restore Down  
Restore Up  
Ring In  
Ring Out  
System Asterisk  
Systems Exclamation  
System Exit  
System Hand  
System Question  
System Start  

Setup and Activation

The setup routine will install the sound files on your local Windows computer and create a sound scheme named “Zod”. It will not enable it though. That’s up to you.

In order to activate it, go to Control Panel -> Sound and select the “Sounds” tab.

In the Sound Scheme drop down, select “Zod”. Then click [Ok].