ZZone goes Slack

Slack is the market leading group chat platform. It’s a bit like WhatsApp but better, free and runs on any client. For all you Z fans out there: Let’s meet in the ZZone Slack Workspace!

What is Slack?

Other than the ZZone forum where we have rather static posts and asynchronous communication, Slack is real-time chatting. Login, post, get a response.

A Slack workspace is organized in so-called “channels”. The one you land in after registering and loggin in is the #slack-lounge channel. It is open for all. Go post there and say Hello.

You can also chat with individual members 1 on 1 or you can create additional channels for your specific topic.

Let’s see how this works out. A few of us are already quite buys there.

Join the ZZone on Slack!

This is an invitation link that you can use to register.

ZZone Slack Invitation Link


Best regards,
George “Zod”