I thought that after five years since the last installment of the ZZone (the third that was), it was time to tackle the fourth overhaul of the main ZZone site.

I am so amazed that after 23 years since the first release of Commander Zod (in 1996), this game still enjoys so much attention. Rightfullly so I think, because this game surely stands out of all the classics out there.

Game fans are still interested in the original game but also are developers putting a lot of effort into bringing the game back to modern platforms.

Reason enough for me to overhaul and relaunch the fourth installment of the ZZone main site, the Official Fan Website for Commander Zod.

Against my usual habits, I laucnhed the new site early while I am still working on it. I was just too excited not to. Not all content has been migrated yet. But don’t worry the old site is still available here until I am finished:

So enjoy the new site while it is being developed. Your ideas are welcome. Please use the Contact page to submit them.

Enjoy and best regards,
George “Zod” Lewe