Commander Zod Combat


  1. Sending an additional unit into a combat will enhance your chances of winning. E.g. sending even just a unit of Grunts in with a medium tank to attack an opposition medium tank will draw his fire or even confuse your opponent and will increase you chance of victory considerably.
  2. When you use multiple units as described above, avoid letting them get too close together. Use quick mouse work to perform pincer movements or set up a ring of units to surround the enemy.
  3. Remember that different units move at different speeds. Do not assume that grouped units will arrive at their destination at the same time. If they are moved carefully and do arrive simultaneously, they will be much more effective than if they arrive one after another.
  4. Static lines of defence can be very effective. For example, you can defend a road by placing units either side of it. The aim being to catch enemy units in the crossfire as they move down the road.
  5. Vehicles move more quickly on roads than any other terrain. This can be used to your advantage during combat. A vehicle on a road will be able to manoeuvre quickly to avoid enemy fire.
  6. By using multiple robot units (especially Snipers) sent in simultaneously from different directions against vehicles you can greatly increase your chances of shooting the driver.


  1. When you target an opponent with a tank/gun etc. the turret is locked in place. Make sure your turret is pointing in the correct direction when you give the order to attack. In this way you stand a better chance of shooting first when the combat begins.
  2. By combining the above technique with a rapid retreat, light and medium tanks can be very effective against Light Guns.
  3. Artillery units can often be placed in a position where they can bombard the enemy fort without being in range of the defending guns.
  4. Tanks and Guns can fire over buildings to take out robots with rifles or machine guns.
  5. Units can be ambushed as they emerge from Factories. Target the entrance a second or two before the unit emerges.
  6. Units which are given an order to go somewhere when under attack accelerate but do not return fire. You can use this to your advantage to avoid shots, particularly from units with a slow fire rate.
  7. Destroying a bridge whilst units are going across it will take out both the bridge and the units on it. Pre-damage bridges so that units crossing them can be taken out with a single shot.