Commander Zod Mistakes and Control

Common Mistakes

  1. Rushing across the map to capture territories: Capturing territories in the computers half of the battlefield at the beginning of the game may give the player the initial advantage, but this is unlikely to be a winning strategy as the players units will be spread to thinly over the battlefield.
  2. Sending units into attack without considering the units they are attacking: Players must learn the strengths and weaknesses of all units and use them to their advantage. It is pointless sending a unit to attack if it has no chance of winning.
  3. Grouping units together: Sending more units than you need to complete an objective is wasting your resources and is more than likely to leave territories undefended.

Control System

  1. Initially a good way of giving orders is to select a unit and then use the mini-map to move quickly to the location that you want to send the unit to.
  2. As you become more proficient with the system learn to use right hand mouse button scroll. Being able to use this well will enhance your ability to move quickly around the map and react to conflicts which break out.